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What are the most probable milestones on the way to the Singularity?


5:25 pm
April 13, 2011




posts 90


I've been trying to compile a list with some of the probable milestones on the way to the singularity. Here are a couple of the better known examples:

1. Computers pass the Turing Test estimated by Kurzweil for around 2019.

2. The first successful full mapping and simulation of the human brain estimated by IBM to occur around 2018.

3. Computers reach the human brain processing capacity…

What other milestones do you suggest we add?

6:16 pm
April 13, 2011




posts 35


Post edited 6:18 pm - April 13, 2011 by simple1248

Brain computer interfaces allow for full immersion virtual reality.

Cultures rapidly change and ultimately converge into one as language moves from its colloquial roots to a function of communicating "brain processes".

10:31 pm
April 13, 2011

Nathan Wosnack

Vancouver, Canada


posts 67


First human being recovered from Cryonics using nanotechnology and advanced rejuvenation biotechnologies

8:09 am
April 14, 2011


east coast USA


posts 64


Technology to synthesize and replace every organ of the body, including the brain.

Humans to AI: "Do as we say, not as we do."

6:25 pm
April 28, 2011


New Member

posts 2


It was mentioned on one of your podcasts.  I think an early indication would be commercially available computer driven cars.  How long after that would it be until humans weren't allowed to drive on public roads?  Aside from specially segregated roads that is.

6:57 pm
July 4, 2011


Keller, TX


posts 5


Well we all know that the Singularity is coming, so instead of chasing our tails around the maypole attempting to predict probable future scenarios, we should instead try to find out which current event could end up being be proverbial 'straw that broke the camels back'. I'll start:

For example, I think that 'graphene' will play a major role in our future, due in large part to its incredible properties. Every month or so a new application for this new form of matter opens up.

Two properties of graphene worth mentioning, first electrons encounter almost no resistance as they slide over its surface. Replacing conductive copper in power lines with graphene, you could decentralize an entire nations' energy grid.

Another property is that, since graphene is a lattice-structure that is a single atom thick, atoms can be popped out in various shapes to form a perfect filter. I think the smallest the filter can get is a slit which allows helium through. Unimaginably clean water, anyone?

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