Nanotechnology: The Age of Convergence

by Socrates on July 30, 2010 · View Comments

According to Ray Kurzweil the singularity is precipitated by the convergence of a spectrum of technological trends from 3 major fields: genetics, robotics and nanotechnology.

This short 4 min clip, courtesy of Charles Ostman, visualizes the potential of nanotechnology in repairing and upgrading our biological bodies. (While the video quality is not the best and the image is at times a bit shaky it is still worth watching.)

YouTube Video Description: We are approaching an evolutionary event horizon, where the organic and the synthetic, the virtual and the “real”, are merging together into an operational ecology, an existence morphology for which there is no precendent in the history of which we are currently aware, catalyzed by nanotechnology. (Hat tip to for the video).

Are you ready to upgrade to Human v2.0?

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