Singularity 2045

Singularity Utopia: Post Scarcity Awareness As An Antidote To Despair

by Singularity 2045

In the year 2011 we live a world based upon scarcity. So, what is Post-Scarcity? Imagine if computers grew on trees, and the world was a gigantic forest, then in a monetary sense computers would be worthless. It would be impossible to sell computers if an extreme over-abundance of computers existed because people could easily acquire computers for free. Scarcity of oil, gas, electricity, food, or computers demands regulation of these limited supplies via monetary restrictions. The price of anything will increase directly in relation to increased scarcity of its supply. In the world of Post-Scarcity everything will be free. How will a Post-Scarcity civilization arise? Artificial Intelligence combined with molecular nanotechnology will allow available resources to be utilized with ultra-efficiency, therefore all resources will effectively be unlimited i.e. free. The Technological Singularity is an explosion of intelligence. Upgrading a [...]

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