James Harvey’s Singularity Podcast: We are Singularia

by Socrates on June 27, 2010

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This is my first singularity podcast.

I intend to do many more interviews like that so that we can spark the discussion about the singularity with the help of some of the best and brightest people that I can get to do a podcast for the benefit of us all. 

My guest today is Australian James Harvey.

James Harvey is the author of the thought provoking book Singularia: Being at the Edge of Time.


I have to admit that I have often been called a very logical person.

Most of the time I agree with the above characterization but, occasionally, there are exceptions.

I feel that my interview with James was a good example of the alternative, emotional me.

The result was that even if logically I didn’t agree with all of James’ arguments, I dare say that I felt a deep connection to him and he managed to move me. Thus, even though this was the first direct conversation between the two of us, I hope that I will have the privilege to talk and socialize with him more and that eventually one day I can call him my friend.

I enjoyed the whole interview and believe it is well worth listening to. Though different parts will resonate better with different people, two quotes stand out as something that I will personally take away from James on this occasion:

1. “I respect science and think it is a marvelous tool but I do not worship it!”

2. “We are Singularia”

Anyway, it is best if you hear James Harvey himself so make sure you listen to the first singularity podcast in full:

Right Click Here to Download

Stay tuned for more great singularity podcast interviews coming soon to Singularity Weblog and Singularity Symposium.

As always, your input and suggestions are most welcome.

You can send me an Email here.

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