Activate the Future

Activate the Future: A Four-Part Short Documentary by BMW

by Socrates
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BMW recently released an interesting series of four short documentaries under the umbrella title Activate the Future. The films are about 6 minutes each and are well worth watching. To me, the cinematography style reminds me of Honda’s The Power of Dreams series, while the proactive title brings back memories of Peter Diamandis‘ inspirational video lecture at Singularity University appropriately titled The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it Yourself. What BMW says about the film: “Wherever You Want To Go” is the first release under BMW Documentaries—a new franchise dedicated to crafting original, thought-provoking and entertaining content. The film aims to take audiences to a place they’ve truly never been: the future. From the minds of some of the most influential scientists, academics, pioneers, and entrepreneurs of our time, this four-part documentary paints a unique picture [...]

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