Michael Anissimov’s Podcast: Singularity Without Compromise

by Socrates on June 30, 2010

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This is the second singularity podcast. Given my experience with James Harvey I already knew that interviewing people is an acquired skill that I really need to work on. This interview is another indicator that I have a long way to go before I get to be good at it. Luckily my guest Michael Anissimov is eloquent and knowledgeable for the both of us. Thus, despite Socrates‘ failure to live up fully to his name, Michael’s passion for and knowledge of the technological singularity made this podcast interesting, engaging, informative and very worthwhile.

Michael Anissimov is Media Director for the Singularity Institute and Fundraising Director, North America for the Lifeboat Foundation. He is a science and technology writer and futurist.

In 2006 Michael started the Accelerating Future blog. Since its founding, the blog has received over six million visits and has been featured on G4.TV’s Attack of the Show and SciFi.com. Michael’s blog posts have appeared on the front page of Digg and Reddit.

Michael has been a consultant for a variety of future-oriented non-profit organizations and for-profit companies including the Methuselah Foundation, Center for Responsible Nanotechnology, and Kurzweil Technologies. On behalf of the Lifeboat Foundation and the Singularity Institute, Michael has briefed the representatives of organizations such as the US Navy and spoken informally with reporters at outlets such as The New York Times, New Scientist, Financial Times, The Guardian, and many other regional newspapers.

During my interview with him, Michael discusses a variety of topics such as his early interest in technology and its enormous potential for making life better for humanity, his belief that the singularity is the biggest challenge facing humanity, his involvement in the Singularity Institute and the upcoming Singularity Summit, scheduled for August 14-15 in San Francisco.

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  • Fellow Singularitarian

    Very thoughtful, good questions, though Michael Anissimov wasn't able to answer them all satisfactorily. So keep asking those same questions everyone you meet!

  • http://www.SingularitySymposium.com/ Socrates

    Dear Fellow,

    I'm happy you enjoyed the podcast, I intend to do many more like that.

    I thought that Michael Anissimov was great. At any rate, he did much, much better than me…

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