Singularity University Video Tour

by Socrates on June 28, 2011

After posting a few pictures from my first 4 days at Singularity University I received emails asking for video.

So, when I saw that last Sunday afternoon the NASA Ames campus was nearly deserted, and most SingularityU students were either out or still recovering from the previous night’s big birthday bash in San Francisco, I seized the opportunity and went around filming some video around campus. It was a very bright and beautiful Sunday afternoon, though the wind did interfere very notably with the audio.

Anyway, my narrative is still audible and I hope you find it interesting.

Enjoy my Singularity University Video Tour:

Part 1: NASA Ames Campus

YouTube Preview Image

Part 2: Singularity University Main Building and Lecture Hall

YouTube Preview Image

Part 3: Computer Lab and BBQ Area

YouTube Preview Image
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  • Julie Danaylov

    Looks like a great place to be :)

    Pardon my circus observation, but I loved the unicycle in the corner of the meditation room/library! I guess all singularitarians need a little circus infusion every once in a while too!

  • Socrates

    Good eye,

    One of my classmates is a crazy super unicyclist fan! She commutes with that occasionally teaches people who are willing to try ;-)

  • Julie Danaylov


    A very eclectic group of folks - fabulous! 

    PS I want to try :)  

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  • Socrates

    Wow, thanks James it seems that you’ve got it! Awesome find!!!

  • CMStewart

    Thank you for the tour of SU campus and facilities!

  • Socrates

    Very welcome CMStewart!

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