Singulati: Our Singularity Weblog Forum is Live. Join Us Now!

by Socrates on April 8, 2011

One of the most requested features by readers of Singularity Weblog has been to make a forum. It has been some time that for a number of reasons I have been putting this off. Finally last month I committed to adding a forum to the blog and before anything else I want to highlight the people without whom it would not have happened:

First, and foremost, I want to thank the many loyal readers who patiently kept asking for a forum. (It seems I prove it true that behind 10,000 “No’s” there sits a “Yes.”)

Secondly, I want to thank Nikki Olson, who generously volunteered to moderate the forum, and thus removed one of my last excuses as to why I couldn’t have one.

Thirdly, I want to thank David Alexander from Quixotic Media who not only bears with me when I require the best but actually delivers on it via his design and blog maintenance work.

Next, I want to acknowledge though (as per his request) anonymously, the loyal reader who in a two-week period donated money twice to this blog: Thank you friend, it is readers like you who make this not only possible but actually worthwhile.

Last, but not least, I cannot miss to mention my never-sleeping, always working and ready to help brother-in-law, who doesn’t have to do any of the server maintenance and the ever-required other (emergency) work that he does, yet is always the first to volunteer and last to go to sleep: Thank you Tony, given all you’ve done, I don’t think I can ever make it even, though I will surely try…


But I digress… So, back on topic:

Singulati: Our Singularity Weblog Forum is Live

Feel free to check it out and join us. It is what you asked for and what I was afraid to deliver. Now that we have it up and running, let us make it the discussion forum of our young but exponentially growing singularitarian community.

Together we can make a better future, better you!

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  • Nathan Wosnack

    Congratulations! Great work with the Weblog Forum Socrates and Nikki! I’ve already registered and started posting. I look forward to the many discussions that will happen, and I see the forum being a very successful part of the already successful Singularity Weblog.

    - Nathan

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