Behind the Screen

Google: Behind the Screen (full documentary)

by Socrates
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This is the 4th of a series of posts about Google. The 1st post was The Internet is Killing Our Culture — Andrew Keen‘s presentation from the Authors @Google series. The 2nd article asked: Is Google Evil? and was an op-ed piece discussing some recent news reports, issues and videos surrounding Google. The 3rd was Inside Google’s Don’t Be Evil extreme caricature video that was played on Times Square and posted on YouTube. Today, I want to bring your attention to one of the more comprehensive looks at Google. Google: Behind the Screen is a 50 min documentary by the Dutch film maker Ijsbrand van Veelen and is a well made and rather balanced point of view without avoiding all of the major issues above. The movie asks a number of important questions such as “How can you convince people [...]

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