Tobii and Lenovo Unveil the First Eye-Controlled Laptop

by Socrates

The human-computer user interface has been one of the slowest to evolve and typewriter-style of keyboard and mouse controls are still the norm. The interface, however, is not going to be limited forever by the above combo, no matter how prevalent it may be today. We have already witnessed the introduction and growing success of touch-screen and voice-control devices becoming widely available to the public. Ultimately, the future of human-computer interface is one of direct brain-computer communication - you think of something and the computer starts doing it. Voice control and eye-control, however, are likely the intermediary stages on the way to direct brain-computer interface. We have already seen the wide introduction and consequent adoption of the former and it is about time we also start seeing the latter. Recently, my favorite laptop company - Lenovo, partnered with Swedish eye-control [...]

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