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This Article Was Written By A Robot

November 27, 2010
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Humans already are robots. One of my favorite quotes by Aubrey de Grey is “the human body is a very complex machine.” Yes, we are complex, self replicating and self-repairing, but we are machines never-the-less. Look at yourself, look at your hands - they are a small part of an extremely complex apparatus that is able to accomplish all kinds of sophisticated actions. Vertebrate life forms are the most complex apparatus ever developed and no definition of a robot says that it has to be man made. So what if the current life forms were created by the trial-and-error process called evolution for over 4.7 billion years?!…

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Regenerative Medicine And Gambling: Is Longer Life Of Greater Value?

November 23, 2010
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A funny thing happened to me when I first heard of the SENS Foundation and their program to develop strategies that will make it possible to live indefinitely. The day before, if you had asked me to take a free ride on NASA’s Space Shuttle I would have accepted with elation. But when I fully realized that I might live a thousand years (provided that I don’t die in an accident) I realized I would only want to go on a Russian Soyuz Spacecraft, which is far safer and has not had a fatal accident in 39 years. The Shuttle is reusable but its R & D budget was cut in half by President Nixon, so the final design did not get an emergency escape system. Given that there is a strong probability that I may live longer than originally [...]

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