Brian Malow on Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Movies

by Socrates on March 31, 2011

Last month I posted Brian Malow‘s comedic and yet still serious take on the technological singularity.

For all the fans of Philip K. Dick out there, today I am posting Malow’s new 6 min video run-through the long list of now classic science fiction movies inspired by Philip K. Dick’s novels and short stories.

Together with Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, Philip K. Dick was among the most influential science fiction authors of the 20th century. The long list of Dick’s works turned into successful movies include classics such as Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report, Paycheck, the Impostor, and, most recently, The Adjustment Bureau.

If you missed any of the movies listed by Brian Malow in the video below I suggest you remedy this as quickly as possible. The key, though, is to not limit yourself to the Hollywood film interpretation. The books open a window to a realm of their own and, in fact, one can argue that they may give us a glimpse into the realm of our own future reality…

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  • Nikki Olson

    There was an android built of Philip K. Dick, which was made by a collaborative effort between Hanson Robotics and FedEx Institute of Technology. The original one can be seen here:

    Shortly thereafter, the android’s head went missing, which is ironic if you are familiar with ‘Do Androids Dream..’ and the Blade Runner movies. (

    Good news, a replacement, or ‘replicant’ of the original android is just about finished. There is a humorous video showing it here:

  • Socrates

    Very interesting story Nikki! Thanks for sharing it with us…

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