Mind Over Matter: The Future Of Human-Computer Interfaces

by Socrates on October 14, 2010

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The human-computer user interface has been one of the slowest to evolve and typewriter-style of keyboard and mouse controls are still the norm. The interface, however, is not going to be limited forever by the above combo, no matter how prevalent it may be today. We have already witnessed the introduction and growing success of touch-screen and voice-control devices becoming widely available to the public. Ultimately, the future of human-computer interface is one of direct brain-computer communication. For example, check out the following 3 videos to see a few recent projects from labs across the globe.

A Canadian company is developing a pioneering thought control technology that will eventually allow us to control objects and move matter only with our mind.  Check out the attached Reuters News video report by Jim Drury about the future of human-computer interface.

Swiss researchers are developing a thought-controlled wheelchair that relies on EEG readings to detect specific brain patterns and, supplemented by some artificial intelligence, allows for “shared control” of the chair. That latter component is aided by a pair of cameras and some image processing software that allows the wheelchair to avoid obstacles and distinguish between different types of objects. According to the researchers, that capability allows it to go around a cabinet but pull up underneath a desk or potentially even recognize the user’s own desk and avoid others.

Finally, here is the last video demonstrating similar research conducted in Japan:

While it is unclear who will be the first to ship the first direct human-computer interface to market, there can be little doubt that someone eventually will.

… mind over matter coming to a store near you…

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