Ben Goertzel: 10 Years To The Singularity

by Socrates on November 10, 2010

Recently I interviewed Ben Goertzel for Singularity 1 on 1. During that interview Ben argued that the technological singularity is not necessarily inevitable and that The Future Is Ours To Create. Interestingly, in the video below Ben argues that it may not be absolutely ridiculous to consider that the singularity may actually happen as yearly as 10 years from now.
  • CMStewart

    Fascinating! I wouldn’t be surprise if Goertzel’s ambition and attitude lead his team to crack the AI codes. I also wonder when this video was recorded, and if this represents his most recent mindset.

    I especially like the story about Dantzig solving the statistics equations because he thought they were solvable, and that everybody else had already solved them.

    The brain / mind as an exponential pattern recognition machine makes sense. Perhaps instead of finding an equation which unifies all applicable intelligence-simulation equations, maybe the equation is instead a pattern implicit within the equations themselves, and the equations, separately, are “cogs” in a giant fractal pattern of intelligence / consciousnes.

    “Goal drift” is concerning, and now maybe I need to watch another video to shift my thinking toward expecting a “beneficial to humans” AI instead of a “detrimental to humans” AI.

    As often the case, I would like to hear and see more discussion of the specific criteria for AI, or consciousness. Our criteria for AI can’t be nebulous, IMO. That way we’ll absolutely know we have AI when it emerges.

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