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James Harvey’s Singularity Podcast: We are Singularia

June 27, 2010

This is my first singularity podcast. I intend to do many more interviews like that so that we can spark the discussion about the singularity with the help of some of the best and brightest people that I can get to do a podcast for the benefit of us all.  My guest today is Australian James Harvey. James Harvey is the author of the thought provoking book Singularia: Being at the Edge of Time. *** I have to admit that I have often been called a very logical person. Most of the time I agree with the above characterization but, occasionally, there are exceptions. I feel that my interview with James was a good example of the alternative, emotional me. The result was that even if logically I didn’t agree with all of James’ arguments, I dare say that I [...]

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Is Genius Immortal?

May 10, 2010

Chris Faraone from the Boston Phoenix recently wrote a very interesting and detailed article on Ray Kurzweil and his quest to live forever titled Is Genius Immortal?. You can read the whole article by following the link above, but if like me you prefer audio rather than text, then you can go and listen to or simply grab the full podcast of the exclusive interview with Ray Kurzweil by clicking here: Is Genius Immortal? the full podcast by the Boston Phoenix. Enjoy the podcast but do let me know what is your answer to Chris’ question: Is genius immortal? Related articles by Zemanta Ray Kurzweil on Brain-Computer Interfaces (singularityblog.singularitysymposium.com) James Harvey’s Singularia: a “Both/And” Point of View of the Singularity (Part 1) (singularityblog.singularitysymposium.com) Singularity University: Ray Kurzweil’s Opening Address (singularityblog.singularitysymposium.com)

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