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by Jean-Sebastien B. Miousse on November 11, 2010

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Each day, more people are getting aware of it. They hear it in the news, they read about it somewhere or they are just observing what is coming by looking at the fast technological advances that are growing exponentially.

I am talking about the technological singularity.

One thing I noticed with the singularity is that it is missing one important point and that is union. Singular means being one. Singularity means the quality or condition of being singular. In that definition I see an inherent urge to unite everyone interested in the technological singularity. I feel the urge to unite all major websites, blogs and organizations in one single Facebook group. After all isn’t that what we are seeking to bring about? A positive, safe transition into the singularity?

By uniting ourselves we are only becoming stronger and our voice becomes louder. By uniting ourselves, a strong entity is created. By uniting ourselves we are ahead of what the current world is dealing with and that is division. Thus, by overcoming our divisions, we can accomplish our ultimate short term goal - to unite all countries and become a type 1 civilization. I want to be a human from Earth. I don’t want to be called American, Canadian, Japanese or any other nationality. You can call me just human. From Earth. (Earthian, Terrian, you name it.)

The first step in union is to join our new Facebook group. It has over 400 members, it is growing each day and it includes many major players interested and involved in the singularity such as: Singularity University, H+ Magazine, Singularity Summit, SENS Foundation, Singularity Symposium and many more.

It is the official group for the technological singularity where each day dozens of interesting posts from a variety of sources are posted. If you haven’t tried the new Facebook Groups feature I highly suggest you join us and unite with other people who all share a common interest in the singularity.

Join The Singularity Network Facebook Group here:

The website is coming soon.

About the Author:

Jean-Sebastien B. Miousse is a multi-instrumentalist musician, orchestrator, audio producer, a visionary artist and a young futurist with a passion for uniting and helping people. He is deeply involved in the Singularity.
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  • Matthew J Price

    “Singular means being one. Singularity means the quality or condition of being singular.”

    Except… that isn’t even close to what singularity means. In fact, closer to the opposite, as something that is “singular” is unusual or exceptional.

    I mean, I’m all for the singularity, but I think that you just made that up…

  • Socrates

    Here is a link to a definition of the singularity:

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