Singularity Goes Mainstream: NY Times Says Humans Are “So Yesterday”

by Socrates on June 14, 2010

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Last Friday the New York Times published a long and well researched article on the technological singularity called:

Merely Human? That’s So Yesterday by Ashlee Vance

The article makes a genuine effort to cover all the basics, the pros and the cons of the singularitarian movement and, overall, in my opinion is pretty successful at it. Thus it is well worth reading and I recommend it as a good starting point on the topics of the technological singularity, accelerating change (or exponential growth), Artificial Intelligence and their potential impact on our civilization.

Here is a link to the slide show accompanying the article with some relevant pictures of Ray Kurzweil titled the Futurist and his Followers.

The only question is:

Are we really all “so yesterday” or is there still hope for the human race?

Will technology replace biology?

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