Am I a singular person?

by Yong Wan, Joo
(Seoul, Korea South)

Since 3.5 years back, I could create many things like below,-

- Solution of global warmth unlike current world's countries' method of reduction of carbon dioxide emission into the air. My method is the afforestation of world's dry lands and deserts and then, the plants grown in those lands can absorb carbon dioxide in the air and release oxygen and water through photo-something which strictly complies nature's rule. It's just a middle high class of my 5,000 invention since 3 & 1/2 years by now.
- Artificial Intellectual internet search and languages translation by machine of the computer. As far as I know, there can be no general-use A.I. but only personalized A.I. It is the one of real top technology of mine.
- Never colliding cars with my technology called wave-meter. It's hardware cost must be lower than U$100 per car. It's accuracy is mm unit not 5 - 10 m of GPS system. It's is middle class of my technology.
- lunch box sized engine and generator which can drive wearable robot for soldiers and handicapped people. Such an engine and generator uses extra-ordinary fuel which you may not be able to imagine. This engine can turn a humvee over by a soldier wearing my robot.
- Stealth of any aircrafts regardless of their shape. Those ones are un-heardable and invisible with British nano particles-coating on them.
- Boats equipped my technology devices cannot be found by sonar.

I am in Seoul, Korea-South now, I gave up to find anyone who can testify me and give me any idea what kind of man I am.

I created so many things. One day, I could make almost 10 new things which never exist now in the whole world. The next day, I could make just only one or nothing.
The rock bottom mean idea is to make a men's urine china-ware which never leaks men's urine out of the ware.

Could you guys find what kind of man I am? It is no joke!
You may call me at +82. 10. 2154. 0426 or e-mail me at [email protected].
By the way, I am Yong Wan, Joo,Mr.

Thank you folks for clear answer for me soon!

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