I think the developement of augmented reality is far under-estimated.
For example: 3D projectors wont be necessary as images will be projected directly on the retina. Like the boys' shark.
A whole new personal world can be created on top of the real world, for example: winters can look like summers or you can change the look of cars or people, you can walk through the victorian age being in the real world, all obstacles will remain the same, you only change their looks.
The documentary is rather a naïeve Star Trek like vision of the future.
Self-driving car is already a reality, developed by google. Computerchips along the road wont be necessary because self driving cars can be integrated into the existing infrastructure. They are autonomous.
Flying cars are dangerous because they can fail and crash, unless they will come up with a completely new technology so they can just hang in the air.
Before that they will be rare and not common. Also not necessary in a city, because driving will be clean and fast(by autonomous cars).
For longer distances we will use ETT(Elevated Tube Transport), shuttles will move in vacume tubes going over 2000 miles per hour! Cheap and easy to build.
Religion will still be very important to the majority of the people, they will choose to live longer and healthy but not for ever, due to their religeous believes. Longlivety drugs that will extend our lives to extreme age will be for the few that choose to live for thousands of years, they will voluntary prepare to travel in colonies to explore the solarsystem and finaly the galaxy and beyond(there is enough time and place in the universe) Here on earth technology will become more and more unvisible while it is getting smaller. For example you can choose to have a very long healthy life as a farmer, growing your own food in ideal circumstances, with al technology unvisible available, as you would live in the past, but better, happier, healthier and no struggle for live.
We actually wont work anymore unless we choose to do so. All the work will be done by robots, better and faster than humans.
All difficult political and economical isues will be handled by indepented Artificial Intelligence.
This is just a part of my personal vision.
Live long and prosper.
Thank you for reading.

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