WHAT is the UNIVERSAL answer to any problem in the FUTURE?

I would start to answer from my empirical point of view – I don’t have a clue how am I going to tackle the problem… But I know one thing: I have grown up to be a Homo Sapiens. I am an adaptive self-learning active system. I am the crown of the evolution. I am the best answer to any question. I have put machines in space, stepped on other planets, invented tiny robots to heal myself and I am building a quantum computer. But that is not all. That is merely the beginning. Now I am changing the natural essence of the evolution. I am taking control of my destiny. I can start to really engineer my future.

I am a Homo Evolutis.

And Yes! Believe me! I will find a way to solve any problem.

Because this is the place to be and these are the times to live. It all depends on me now. The dark ages have passed, the future is bright.

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