Singularity is a product of our imagination in analytic or synthetic form

by Dramos Kalapodas
(New York City)

In analythical form we may see singularity as the smallest material particle, an universal invariant or the origin of the known Big Bang. In its synthetic interpretation which again is marked by our own subjective understanding, it may have the form of a final state followed by ethernal...nothing to our conscience.
Thus, all this dillema is practically generated by our capacity to survive our own act of interaction with the natural Universe.
- Economical singularity. When we base our economical well being theories on ideology rather than rational calculations and then expect prosperous results.
- Technological singularity. A desperate lose of human qualities (intelligence, or other biological capacities)and the placement of technological developments above our intelectual capacity to understand them.
- Ideological singularity. It is when we think that our personal ideology is part of a universal reality.
And, so on... The abstract singularity may never be defined since that would represent singularity in itself, and for that reason we shall enjoy its limited meaning in every field of our existence.

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