by Richard Brown

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The study of the human society, social networking, and the advancements in technology and how the combined effect creates the impression of the singularity regardless of the model.

The author recognizes the work and theory’s of Moore’s law; named after Gordon E. Moore, the term Technological Singularity and it’s concept by Vernor Vinge in 1993, and of course, Mr.Ray Kurzweil who is associated with the third, current, and most popular interpretation of the Technological Singularity, often referred to as the accelerating change thesis.

However. I have also noticed one thing in particular.

Models such as this, (infinite) are immensely difficult to actually prove. The reason is because an “infinite” model could “appear” to be stable, but break down 10 Million years later. (In this model, growth would be able to slow down.)

I am sure that Mr. Kurtzweil and his followers don’t want too many people saying this, but it IS possible. BUT IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER!

The one thing all of us can agree upon, and none of the critics argue, is that SOCIETY IS IN FACT CHANGING!
and THESE changes are the ones I believe fit the model of “Exponential Growth,” as well as it’s projected outcome, a “singularity.”

From the dawn of time, Man has passed down observations about his environment through story, imagery, culture, written and oral history’s, artifact recovery, and fossil examination.
Man POSSIBLY created religion in an attempt to pass history, universal cultural norms, warnings, and social controls. Combined with political ideals for control of society in general, and the subsequent formations of concepts such as Economy.

Man is a predator/prey species that is also highly intelligent and extremely social. By nature, we create hierarchal society’s, then strive for the dominance. These controls would HAVE to have been in place for society to avoid Anarchy. Anarchy being impossible within our species, controls emerged through the Law of Energy Transference.

One simply has to look briefly at our recorded history to notice that the advances we have made and are discussing, changed this completely in ONE GENERATION!
My Grandfather’s generation learned from their fore-bearers to follow the traditions, values, morals, and ethics of the past with as little change as possible. Wars were fought and society’s crumbled as a result. Very little real change occurred.
Then came their children. They challenged these ideals to the point where the controls of the past were broken, or at the very least, damaged severely. Acceptance of change was forced on those who remained regardless of their personal opinions. (But it was slow enough that all they could do was complain a lot and eventually comply or die.

Our parents continued these challenges, broke more tradition, and set even more. Then passed THIS concept on. Technological advancements such as computing, telecommunications, and the social network have combined with these changes thus creating the Singularity effect on the social model.
The evidence is seen in the exponential change in tradition, culture, religion, and society as a whole as it can be seen now. The projection of the Singularity effect will possibly be seen when Mr. Kurtzweil’s “6th Epoch” occurs possibly in this area.

This is where the regardless part comes in.


“We’ve all heard the term, “Change is inevitable.”
If so, then we must change it, change with it, conform to it, comply with it, or be destroyed by it.” Richard Brown

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A Thank You.
by: Richard Brown

This is the very first site I ever came upon the days of my awakening. Since then, I come back whenever I need reference, or just know there is something I am missing. I appreciate all you folks do here and look forward to entering this unknown with at least like minds. If I may, please see the rest of the blog at the same name .wordpress
Again. Thank you for the publish!
Richard Brown

by: Anonymous

I had ended up here looking to see if I had used the term singularity correctly. I had just commented on the law of attraction and was trying to relay the idea that it was not just a one time occurrence but something that could be achieved time and time again. Again, interesting.

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