Splitting of the Species

by DEB

Single body, many minds vs many bodies single minds. Singularity? Iit means individualism while joining with many others in a single unit. Single does not necessarily mean unique.

It seems the singularity will split the species into two or three different branches (perhaps more) If it is the survival of the fittest, then once again, the economically advantaged will likely be the ones who are allowed the advantage of accessing this technology,and certainly that is a recipe for disaster, based solely on ability to pay for something they may not psychologically or intellectually be prepared for.

The privileged few, or the fittest, those who will survive, will have their memories encapsulated within the "memory backup technology". The saved memories of these individuals, whether or not they are fully capable at this point of understanding what they are embarking on, or are psychologically able to cope once they reawaken. Considering that when they find that their former life with its loves and hates and desires and senses are gone, the pleasures of a tangible body not within their grasp, individuals must be educated in the possible outcomes of this memory recall.

But, the implications of this type of artificial intelligence to store memory, and the future of an advanced society of technologically generated individuals. in contrast, makes the present mankind and this society look like primates of a lesser species who are only just learning to work with clubs and caoturing fire. This new person will be living beyond a need for currency, beyond the need of tangible items.initially it will be memory, and eventually pure mind. Divine mind at the next singularity. But our present state, this existence and this level of development will be nothing more than a theory in a cache of information that will be part of the collective or singular body of this new organization, an organized singular unit, that has many individuals, who are not only aware of themselves others and their surroundings, but capable of creating what ever their imagination carries them to.

But this singularity does not represent a human brain with an enhanced Artificial intellectual component, because these bodies are frail. And they will eventually succumb to some catastrophe. The earth itself is not immortal. Singularity will likely begin as a piece of hardware, like a server with a program. That accommodates countless individual consciousness, who are then able to manifest a voice,access and form their own thoughts and the ability to remember new and old information and learn. One sees that individuality can take any form a virtual person, a work of creativity spawned by the individual to represent themselves to others, take the place of the once tangible person. Recreating ourselves in our own chosen image.

Technological singularity may be a personal experience. it may come at that moment when your memory, if one is so fortunate as to have their memory backup available, awakens and you suddenly are aware again of yourself.The feeling of where am i? The blankness one feels when they awaken in a strange place or after some trauma has occurred the moment of change.

In comparison, the unleashed mind is now a being of omnipotence,(within the constraints of the collective body or, for lack of a better reference, the server and program unit). With the resources of a vast information cache. While not everyone is a candidate for this type of technological advantage, who will decide then, which persons qualify as a candidate? In my opinion, the service should be available to everyone, but the actual use and initiation would be decided by the individual themselves.

On the other side of the screen the memories of the individuals would also be able to interact with the persons left on the other side of the screen, by user interface and chats. By being able to access a persons loved ones and query them about past events and garner information that can clarify some mystifying event or alleviate some guilt sadness or worry, people who have argued and one of them is lost before they can make amends or, for example, the dispute of a will, merely activate dad log in to him and ask him what his wishes are. In other applications, and depending on the updates, perhaps, if they are ongoing, recording the events of a persons life like chat logging, then in the case of accidents or crime, victims who had passed could have input to the investigation surrounding their case, identify who was present and the events leading up to the event. A virtual mind and virtual body, that can interact with the real world. one mind one body vs one body many minds.Therein lies another type of singularity. From singularity of body mind to the singularity of body with the capability of the individual mind. DEB C.

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