The End of Humanity

by Geneticevolutionary
(Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

the unwavering fact that I was awakened and existed during this great age of discovery is what sometimes keeps me up at night... Enough matter coalesced and agreed with itself to actually form me, and for that I am grateful. But less so to be alive. And more so to be alive during THIS particular time period in our alpha . At the tender age of 4, my father, a pathologist, began taking me to see autopsies. I assisted him. I saw the condition of death, understood it, touched it, cut where he told me to cut. I remember the smells and how cold it was. I wasn't afraid of it, it was more that I felt comfortable with how delicate the human body was... From those encounters I formed my core. One rooted in science and technology. I have a strong genetic base code and keep myself in good shape. I have traveled the world. And yet I am still aging. At this rate I will end up just like those bodies in the morgue. Death is avoidable. I want to regress in age. I want to visit the colonies on Mars. I want to be around when we discover complex, intelligent life on another planet. I want to visit other galaxies. The only path to any of my desires is the path of transhumanism. I am deeply invested in the cause and am working on a way to help further organically integrate my fellow transhumanists.

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