The immorality of the use of force.

by Jake Witmer
(Chicago, IL, USA)

Lyander Spooner, Abolitionist

Lyander Spooner, Abolitionist

It's interesting to me that Warwick opposes the creation of artilects on the grounds that he doesn't want to be chattel, when he is in fact, legally, chattel right now.

What institutions have superior power over individual humans right now? ...Governments. What is objectionable about their behavior? The use of force against innocent people, their theft from innocent people, the lack of universal rule of law (governments and their agents are above the law).

When Hugo de Garis asked Warwick if he supported the creation of artilects, he said "no", because he doesn't want to be relatively inferior. He wants to be a cyborg, and retain his individual rights, and high standard of living.

I agree with Warwick (I am a cyborgist, because who wants to be stuck at human level?), but I go one step further: the thieving governments of the world need to be dismantled, in order to have the chance of a benevolent "singularity".

The issues surrounding the use of force are well-known, even to human philosophers. Those who are consistent are libertarians as far as government is concerned (no matter what ideas they have about private charity or voluntarily-realized social structure). See and and the videos of Marc Stevens and Peter Voss on youtube for the philosophical answers to the problem of aggression.

Governments of the world are hungry for absolute power. They exist as parasites, using philosophical confusion among the defenders of liberty to divide the completion of pro-freedom goals. Even so, slowly, the world moves toward liberty, in a blind and grasping way.

I suggest that if people like Warwick made as clear and unambiguous statements in favor of liberty as Peter Voss and Peter Thiel have, he'd be vastly better off. A serious examination of the courts leads to one conclusion: they are criminal scams.

We'd already all be cyborgs if it were not for the dramatic loss of wealth and individual freedom imposed by the governments of the world. For instance: I'd be more than willing to let Kevin cut me up and replace organs of mine with machinery, given his assurances that he was confident about the odds of a good result. I'd sign a waiver, but the governments don't any longer obey contract protection. (Maybe not as young as I am, but certainly as I got older.)

Yet the governments of the world don't even recognize self-ownership. If I want to sign up for Alcor life-extension, there is a 50-50 chance that I will br prohibited from doing so, by luddite government thugs who will murder me forever, in order to "investigate my death". This is the stupid standard we're all lowered to?!

Further, I am prohibited from even using recreational drugs, or from going 70mph if an agent of the state happens to be around. ...Especially if I'm too stupid to defeat the ticket in court, or happen to be a racial minority.


This is very dangerous indeed, as we approach the singularity.

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