The third factor of intelligence

by Caroline Williams
(Miami, Florida)

I am thinking of a new theory. At least to me it is new. I am thinking of the point when artificial intelligence is measured as equal or greater than human intelligence; a third factor will emerge. I will call it the third factor unless it already has a name. Since human "intelligence" is also made up of "mind" and "consciousness" it is too multivariate to be truly replicated by AI. However, based solely on "intelligence" one may say, "yes, AI has surpassed human intelligence." At this point my theory states that a new intelligence will or will have emerged that is a synthesis of both. A new intelligence will emerge. It will be organic. I think the AI will trigger the human brain to perform differently and better. It won't be a device that will harbinger or "make" this occur - it will happen.

To begin to wrap our own minds around this insight or concept it begins at the beginning; History and definitions. As to definitions they must be pulled apart, examined, re-examined over and over again; therein lies the answers. These definitions must be used with other definitions to make new definitions and so on. These are the equations; and these definitions are to be the literature reviews and the foundations of new theory.

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