Transhumanist Neuromancer

by Rich

Synthetic Soul

This video certainly clarifies the conflict. That's a lofty (yet possible) definition for the Singularity/H2.

The "hockey stick" on the event horizon has many transmutations "other than" downladable consiousness and taming animal instinct....

The singulairty is already here in my opinion. It's all relative when viewed in deep time.

So imagine wars being fought in second space. No blood or death... just "reality certified points". History shows us the Chinese fought wars with kites in the air. So why not? 360 immersive technology will be the key to bridge the cybernetic gap.

So Ted the Unibombers is now being hailed a hero? Perhaps when one see the remote control rat this makes sense.

All of this is why it peeves me to see my grandkids and nephews are being imprinted with TV and hand held video games.

I'm not sure the brain is capable of the potential of it all. The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long.

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