The first thing we must remember, technology as the whole is not a matter of preference or as Russians say, choosing a tomtit in your hand or a crane in the sky (safety vs. risk). It is a matter of survival. There can be no safety for humans without "industrial society", because carrying capacity of Unabomber's way of life for the planet would be perhaps 7 millions, not billions. In case of his dream coming true, most of humans would certainly die in a few days. There is simply no choice "to live with robots" or "to live as in Herbert's Dune", it's not a matter of tomorrow, it is a matter of today. The whole idea turns obviously absurd when we realize it is about not "destroying machines today to avoid death tomorrow", but actually "killing billions of people today to avoid... what and for whom?"

So the whole Luddite discourse is not just useless in terms of sustainability and avoiding global risks - it is harmful, i. e. the more Luddites we have, the more dangerous our risks become - not only direct risks from Luddite actions, but those not solved in time and in a right way because of some people's active or passive Luddism. In a word, Luddism itself is a risk.

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Just because your crazy
by: Anonymous

Just because your crazy, doesn't mean they really aren't out to get you. That old chestnut certainly applies.

Ted was right in many ways. Everything from banking, currency, government,social interaction and social media is becoming so entrenched in technology that the collapses in imminent. May be from "the inside" or from a combatant. The end of fiat currency in the N. America's and trying to participate in legal society without technical computer support is almost impossible.

Social media and the internet, as just one branch of Ted's nightmare,has affected the very personal, emotional and communal of society in a way that is not impressive, nor supportive of free thought. (although this may have more to do with social justice warriors) You cannot deny the loss of power the individual seems to have in the sea of 'Top views' and politically controlled search engines.

The scariest technology is the staggering physical size reduction in micro-chip topology and its increasing power and memory storage.

The future Luddite only concentrate on the destruction of this one technological overlord to effect a total reset. The point when all knowledge, books, information and even human personality is electronically retained is not that far off.

Do we like what we are becoming and the loss of REAL personal control over a REAL human lifestyle not dependent on the computer/internet/Very large scale integrated circuits and what will follow?

Ted was right about the changes and kind of world he foresaw. And many agree that it is not something we want nor control.

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