Who but the "Art" in artificial?

by DEB

Artificial entities will not have to be concerned with prejudices, what ever form they take. Artificial intellect, remember is created from biological intelligence and technology, however, it is hoped that artificial entities will be beyond and far superior to the biological minds and bodies that created it. If Artificial intellect represents itself in an anthropomorphized form initially, then that is likely due to a lack of information at this point of other entities. perhaps done to facilitate a psychological need in the biological units the AI will be interfacing with. it is logical that when the Artificial intellect comes into contact with other forms of life it will mimic them as well, and perhaps in this way go undetected for study of societies and cultures and gathering of information within that arena. As for the artificial life giving a representation of its self to others, based on an individual choice, it will draw on its creative imagination and draw on the information at hand to create something that is artistic and individual, a unique work of art encompassing not only visual but sound, tactical sensation aura and atmosphere.with all the resources of experience it has on hand and likely geared toward what ever senses the receiving party has available.
remember, artificial entities are not humans,and they will not live in society as we know it. to the AI, its likely that our social and cultural framework will be nothing more than historical information about a self destructive and dangerous biological society on a habitable planet in the sol system, and where that is in relation to other systems and beyond. To assume that Artificial intellect will be inferior to human intellect is to constrain the possibilities of that lie within the total concept. Artificial entities, assuming they are individually aware of themselves and have the ability to collecting personal data. biological entities are arrogant, greedy and illogical. possessing the disadvantage of Death, which is inevitable and forthcoming, while the artificial entity is not plagued by this worry.it simply is or is not.otherwise it simply is or is not. Deb

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