IBM Creates Smallest 3D Nano-Map

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IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale

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The documentary Nano, the Next Dimension is interesting and worth watching but is a bit dated because it was produced in 2002.

Just two days ago IBM announced a fresh breakthrough in the field of nanotechnology and to demonstrate its capabilities created the world’s smallest 3D nanoscale map.

See this video detailing the challenges and breakthroughs of the project:

Read an excerpt from IBM’s Press Release:

ZURICH & SAN JOSE, Calif. - 23 Apr 2010:  IBM (NYSE: IBM) scientists have created a 3D map of the earth so small that 1,000 of them could fit on one grain of salt. The scientists accomplished this through a new, breakthrough technique that uses a tiny, silicon tip with a sharp apex — 100,000 times smaller than a sharpened pencil — to create patterns and structures as small as 15 nanometers at greatly reduced cost and complexity. This patterning technique opens new prospects for developing nanosized objects in fields such as electronics, future chip technology, medicine, life sciences, and optoelectronics.

You can learn more by going to IBM’s Press Room here.

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